Billy Porter, the Pose star, has revealed that shooting the sex scene in the second season of the FX drama, was the hardest thing for him to do. This was because it was the first time when the actor has performed a sex scene with another man on screen.

The character of Billy in Pose, Pray Tell, decided to sleep with Ricky Wintour, who is played by Dyllón Burnside, in the second season of the series. The friendship of the two turned romantic, and it was the moment which caused a bit of drama in the among the other characters of the show.


The Awardist, the podcast of EW was told by Billy that the filming of the romantic and intimate moment was quite a challenge for him, and he called it the hardest and most difficult thing for him to do. He said that being a Black queer man, who has lived for 30 years in the space of being the magical fairy on the side. In addition to this, he said that he has never been the object of affection for anyone in anything in his entire career. Also, he revealed that he never had a kiss, not on stage and not on nothing.

Although he cleared out that his on-stage kiss in the musical drama Dreamgirls was a totally different experience as it was with a woman. As a gay man, he was not much attached to her and was detached from it quite easily.

Billy Porter and his struggles with the intimate scene in Pose.

These love scenes from Pose, means a lot to Billy Porter, but despite this fact, the actor has made a confession that he has only watched his sex scene once. The reason behind this was the actor is not used to see himself in sex scenes. He said that he couldn’t even watch it, and it is not because the way he is looking in that particular scene, but he is still trying to figure out a space for himself in which he feels comfortable to watch himself having sex on-screen.

Billy Porter
Image Source – The Verge

It was not easy for him to w catch it, he watched it with his husband for the first time, and they were both squealed. The actor also revealed that he felt an out of body experience when he won the Emmy award for his role in Pose as Pray Tell last year.


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