Bill & Ted Face The Music, the latest sci-fi comedy film of Keanu Reeves finally hit the theatres. The story of the movie is written by Chris Matheson, and Ed Solomon and the director of the series is Dean Parisot. This movie is the third part of the Bill & Ted trilogy. The main cast of the movie includes Keanu Reeves as Ted “Theodore” Logan and Alex Winter as William S. “Bill” Preston. The producers of the series are David Haring, Alex Lebovici, Scott Kroopf, and Steve Ponce.

Bill & Ted
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The film recently achieved a milestone, it set a world record, and the credit for it goes to the fans of the movie which gave it so much love. Keep reading the article to learn further about the world record.

Bill & Ted Face The Music Set A Guinness World Record

The recently released movie managed to break a Guinness World Record. The fans of the film recently filmed themselves while playing the air guitar riff of Bill & Ted. This all happened as a part of the promotion of the film, in which a total of 186 people participated in the challenge. This challenge helped in breaking a world record in which a total of 100 people participated.

So due to this challenge, the film managed to win a Guinness world record, and it is a big achievement for the movie.

Bill & Ted
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The movie was released in theatres on August 28, 2020, and on the same day, it was made available on Video on Demand. The third and final movie of the franchise took a really long time to happen, but still, regardless of the delay, the fans are loving the film a lot. The film was also appreciated by the critics, and the performances of the cast were especially appreciated.

The film has been released in the theatres, and if you have not watched it yet, then you should watch it now in your nearby cinema. Also, the trailer of the movie has been attached to this article, do give it a watch.


  • Keanu Reeves is playing Ted
  • Alex Winter is playing Bill
  • Kristen Schall is playing Kelly
  • Samara Weaving is playing Thea
  • Brigette Lundy-Paine is playing Billie
  • William Sadler is playing Death
  • Anthony Carrigan is playing Dennis Caleb McCoy
  • Erinn Hayes is playing Elizabeth
  • Jayma Mays is playing Joanna
  • Hal Landon Jr. is playing Chief Logan


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