Within the Anime world, the character will get his energy up by getting flashbacks of his unhealthy and tough childhood. I imply, which anime doesn’t have a personality who has had a tragic backstory behind his success? Their tragic previous includes ravenous, poverty, shedding dad and mom, being discriminated towards for being completely different, battle, slavery, ailments, being experimented on, and Chidoring your Crush.

All of those characters who’ve confronted such issues of their previous have moved previous them. Some nonetheless have the trauma which follows, e.g., Kakashi Hatake from Naruto by chance killed his pal Rin, which traumatized Kakashi for his complete life, or Levi from Assault on Titans ending up killing his uncle Kenny who made him survive his robust childhood. These are just some of the Finest Unhappy Depressed Anime Male Characters. Which character’s backstory made you the saddest?

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake is one in all Anime and Naruto’s best characters, and his character has a fandom as large as some single animes. I imply, Who doesn’t Love Kakashi Sensei? The cool masked man, Silver-haired, Sharingan Dude. However there’s a very tragic story behind Kakashi Hatake, which makes him who he’s right now. He Misplaced his solely buddies, Rin and Obito, at a really younger age. Obito died throughout a mission, and Kakashi himself by chance killed Rin. Kakashi misplaced his father, Sakumo Hatake, who was stronger than all the three legendary sanin mixed.

Sakumo dedicated suicide due to the discrimination from his comrades due to failing a mission. Sakumo selected his comrades over a mission, which was used to disgrace him, resulting in his demise. Kakashi modified after this incident. Regardless of staying alone, Kakashi says, “I’m Dwelling,” when he comes house and says, “I’m leaving,” whereas he leaves.

The Solely Happiness Kakashi discovered was in Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. He later goes on to turns into the sixth Hokage of the Leaf Village. Should you haven’t watched it, You may watch Naruto on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

Levi Ackerman

Levi Ackerman is essentially the most highly effective human in Assault on Titans together with his highly effective Ackerman Genes. He grew up in excessive poverty the place his mom, Kuchel, was a Intercourse Employee. The saddest half was when Kuchel died, Levi stayed hungry and sat beside her the entire time. That’s when his uncle Kenny rescued him and taught him find out how to struggle and survive however didn’t present any like to Levi.

Levi grew as much as be a part of the Survey Corps, turned the captain, and misplaced lots of his shut comrades and commander Erwin in the course of the battle towards titans. Levi’s eyes are at all times unhappy as a result of he has by no means stayed completely happy in his complete life, and he’s at all times depressed. If you wish to know extra about Levi, you may watch Assault on Titans on Crunchyroll.

Itachi Uchiha

“ Folks don’t cry as a result of their weak, They cry as a result of they’ve been robust for too lengthy” – Itachi Uchiha pic.twitter.com/l9pc1FAu7U

— Purraaahmusic (@Purraaahmusic1) April 2, 2021

Itachi Uchiha has his personal fandom league, and he is without doubt one of the strongest characters in Naruto. When Itachi was small, he noticed the consequences of battle and determined to kill himself. Afterward in life, Itachi had to decide on between his clan, who would betray the leaf village, and Konoha, who he labored for.

Itachi selected to guard the Leaf by eliminating the All of the Uchihas, leaving solely his little brother Sasuke. He killed his dad and mom, his girlfriend, little youngsters, and so on. In Itachi’s guide by Kishimoto, it’s proven that Itachi places Izumi, his girlfriend, in a robust Genjitsu. The place he marries Izumi, they usually have youngsters and exquisite completely happy life. When Izumi comes again from the genjitsu, she thanks Itachi and says that this was the life she dreamt of with him.

Itachi lived his complete life being unhappy and depressed, eager to atone for his sins by being killed by his little brother Sasuke on the finish. If you wish to know extra intimately about Itachi’s Story, then watch Naruto Shippuden on Crunchyroll.

These are among the Finest Unhappy Depressed Anime Male characters if you understand another character who has gone by way of a tough life on his half. Please tell us.


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