the fans of DC continue to lament the cancellation of ‘Batgirl‘ after the Warner Bros. Discovery started a strategy to revamp adaptations based on the classic comic book publisher.

That’s because the filming of the feature was already finished and in the post-production process for a possible release in late 2022.

In addition, the feature would bring a lot of representation to the Latin community by bringing Leslie Grace (‘In a Neighborhood of New York’) as a protagonist.

And the addition of Brendan Fraser (‘The Mummy’) as a villain was also one of the big reasons for the anticipation behind the film, not to mention the return of Michael Keaton like Batman.

This week, the directors themselves, Adil El Arbi e Bella Fallahclaimed that the feature was erased from the studio’s records, making it impossible for the recorded scenes to be saved.

However, the The Hollywood Reporter announced that a private screening will be held at the studios of Warner Bros. Discovery.

It has been said that only the cast, crew and their friends and family will have access to the “funeral display”, as it is described behind the scenes, before the files are locked away in a vault, physical or digital.

The screening was planned so that everyone involved who shed their blood, sweat and tears for the project can have a chance to celebrate what they have done.

Scheduled for this week, the session may be the only time the film will be shown, as public pressure is very unlikely to convince studio executives to revoke the cancellation, considering the decision was made to cut taxes.

Previously, El Arbi e Fallah talked to the script and thanked the fans for their support saying that they will not give up on the film’s release, but understand that they would only be able to do so with the financial help of Warner Bros. Discovery.

“‘Batgirl’ it cannot be released in its current state… Before it is released one day, there would still be a lot of work to do. As well as the ‘Snyder Cut‘. There are no visual effects, and we still have some scenes to shoot. So if the Warner Bros. Discovery wanted us to release the film, they would have to give us the means to finish it properly and with our vision.”these El Arbi.

Fallah added:

“It was very reassuring to see all the support from fans on Twitter, and even from great directors. Edgar Wright e James Gunnwho sent us messages.”

Finally, El Arbi argued:

“We make movies for the audience, not for us. We just hope that one day the movie will be released, out of respect for the cast and crew. We are a small family.”

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In addition to the stars mentioned, the cast of the adaptation would still have J.K. Simmons, Jacob Scipio, Ivory Aquino, Rebecca Front, Corey Johnson e Ethan Kai.


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