Winter 2023 anime season has begin and for a certain section of the anime community, Ayakashi Triangle might be their most anticipated anime of this year. For those who won’t don’t know Ayakashi Triangle is an adaptation of Kentaro Yubuki’s genderbend, ecchi manga which began serialization in June 2022 in Weekly Shonen Jump and was moved to Jump+ digital service allowing fewer restrictions for the author.

Moreover, Kentaro Yubuki is one of the most acclaimed ecchi manga artist known for illustrating series like Black Cut, To Love Ru and Darling in the Franxx.

Recently many anime fans who turned to watch the first episode of the anime adaptation of his latest work on Crunchyroll were left disappointed by the unnecessary censorship.

The best parts of the episode were hidden behind the images of cat Shirogane ruining the scenes which made the manga so popular and now fans are wondering when the uncensored version will be available.

Sadly, if you wish to watch the Ayakashi Triangle with no censors then you will need to wait for the Blu-rays to come out which will be available after the end of the show’s Television broadcast.

This is the common fate of most of the ecchi anime nowadays where fans have two choices- either watch the anime on weekly basis with the juicy scenes hidden behind stickers and light rays or wait for months for the Blu-ray version to come out.

Ayakashi Triangle Uncensored Version Release Date

Ayakashi Triangle TV Anime is listed with 12 episodes.
The uncensored version will release with Blu-ray.

The uncensored version of the Ayakashi Triangle is confirmed to come with the Blu-ray/ DVD release which will start shipping in early April till June.

The first Blu-ray box bundle containing episodes 1-4 with bonus materials will hit the market shelves in April 2023, following the second bundle with episodes 5-8 in May 2023 and the third and last box with episodes 9-12 in June 2023. The Blu-ray/ DVD version will initially release in Japan only.

Ayakashi Triangle Release Schedule

Episode No.Regular Version Release DateUncensored Version Release DateEpisode 1January 10, 2023April 2023Episode 2January 17, 2023April 2023Episode 3January 24, 2023April 2023Episode 4January 31, 2023April 2023Episode 5February 7, 2023May 2023Episode 6February 14, 2023May 2023Episode 7February 21, 2023May 2023Episode 8February 28, 2023May 2023Episode 9March 7, 2023June 2023Episode 10March 14, 2023June 2023Episode 11March 21, 2023June 2023Episode 12March 28, 2023June 2023

Where to Watch Ayakashi Triangle Dog Uncensored Online?

For now, there has been no word from Crunchyroll whether or not they will stream the uncensored version or not so there is a chance you might need to put on your Pirate hat and sail the seven seas.

We will update you on this once we get an update from them.

How many episodes season 1 of Ayakashi Triangle will have?

It has been confirmed on Twitter that Ayakashi Triangle will air for a total of 12 Episodes starting from January 10, 2023, to March 28, 2023. A new episode in the series will come out every Tuesday at 1:00 AM JST.

What is Ayakashi Triangle about?

Ayakashi Triangle anime key visual

Matsuri Kazamaki and Suzu Kanade are childhood friends, bonded by their shared ability to see ayakashi—youkai in search of a life force to devour. However, in high school, their relationship deteriorates. As Suzu’s one-sided feelings are growing, so is the difference in their ayakashi views: Matsuri considers all ayakashi a threat to his friend, while Suzu is an ayakashi medium—someone who exudes a significant amount of life force compared to the average human—and loves them all despite the risk.

When the two stumble upon a talking white cat named Shirogane, they are unaware that it is a four-hundred-year-old ayakashi known as the “King of Ayakashi.” He is hell-bent on gaining even more power by devouring Suzu, but as Matsuri swoops in to try and save her by sealing Shirogane’s powers, the ayakashi uses a jutsu to turn him into a girl instead!report this ad

Matsuri vows to protect Suzu from further harm as her best friend, but he must learn how to act like a girl until his grandfather—a famous wind jutsu exorcist ninja—can undo the jutsu. Meanwhile, Suzu must work out her romantic feelings for Matsuri now that he is no longer a boy. But when Matsuri takes the king as his pet, the future of the two friends seems uncertain.

Staff details of the anime

Directed byNoriaki AkitayaWritten byShogo YasukawaMusic byRei IshizukaStudioConnectLicensed byCrunchyrollOriginal networkGYT, GTV, BS11, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, ytvOriginal runJanuary 10, 2023 – March 28, 2023Episodes112

Frequently Asked Questions about Ayakashi Triangle

Matsuri and Suzu

When will the uncensored version of the Ayakashi Triangle be available?

When will the uncensored version of the Ayakashi Triangle be available?

When will the uncensored version of the Ayakashi Triangle be available?

When will the uncensored version of the Ayakashi Triangle be available?

How many episodes will Ayakashi Triangle have?

Ayakashi Triangle will air for a total of 12 episodes, starting from January 10, 2023 to March 28, 2023.

When will new episodes of Ayakashi Triangle be released?

A new episode of Ayakashi Triangle will be released every Tuesday at 1:00 AM JST.

Well, that’s all for today. Also, check out the Eminence in Shadow schedule and Blue Lock Release Date.


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