One of many favored Japanese manga sequence of all time, Assault on Titan has sure up its story in Chapter 139. The final chapter was discharged on Fri, April 9, 2021, closing the hit sequence that has been operating for the previous twelve years.

In an affiliate interview with the Japanese diversion information website Comedian Natalie, the inventive individual Hajime Isayama aforesaid, “I’ve been talking for the final eight years that I might finish [Attack on Titan] in 3 years, and eventually, it appears prefer it’ll be accomplished.”

Assault on Titan completed with Chapter 139 in Quantity thirty-four, decision a lot of the leftover cliffhangers. The manga portrays a civilization inside 3 partitions, the final location wherever people nonetheless dwell.

Over 100 years agone, humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction as soon as the emergence of golem giants known as Titans, United Nations company assault and eat people on sight.

The final remnants of humanity individuals behind 3 concentric partitions and loved practically a century of peace.

To fight Titans, the nation’s army employs Vertical Maneuvering instrumentality, a set of waist-mounted grappling hooks, and gas-powered propulsion sanctionative Brobdingnagian high quality in 3 dimensions.

The story revolves round a boy named Eren Yeager, United Nations company who lives throughout the metropolis of Shiganshina, settled on the sting of Wall Maria, the outmost of three round partitions protecting humanity from Titans.

He fights towards creatures known as Titans which have overrun the globe.

Concerning the Chapter

Ch 139 is forty-five pages lengthy. The title can “Yeager”. It’ll start with Mikasa crying holding Eren’s head. Ymir can confer with her. She tells Mikasa nevertheless they every sq. measure related, as Eren helped them every delivers the liberty of the nice.

She’s going to nonetheless say that Mikasa is lastly over Ackerman Intuition to Eren, and likewise the reality she headless him exhibits the freedom of her can over instincts.

Ymir continues to say that Eren has misplaced, and he or she herself has misplaced, nevertheless is glad she was free in her final moments. Mikasa can increase if she would possibly confer with Eren. Ymir can take every Hermann and Mikasa inside methods, wherever they’re going to appreciate Eren.

Ymir can disappear, going solely the three of them. In-universe, Saint Matthew the Apostle can be awaiting Mikasa. Armin’s CT would fall, as Hermann can be in methods.

Eren additionally will fall to its knees. Levi can go inside it, and notice Eren’s head, nevertheless not Mikasa. The pure titans can revert again to people. Wall titans can start to vaporize. The troopers and hen genus can notice that curse of Ymir is upraised, and that they can’t rework any longer, going them unengaged to construct their lives.

Levi additionally will lose his Ackerman powers, rendering himself weak. restored Connie and Jean can lead to a drop, and likewise the three can sit, look over the vaporizing titan our bodies and aftermath of battle.

Inside methods, Eren can inform Hermann Mikasa that he has misplaced, which may’t be modified. He can inform he frequently cared for them the foremost, nevertheless needed to combat them.

He fought Hermann and the identical he unloved Mikasa so that they’d be free of him, and dwell lengthy lives, slightly than mourning over Eren. He can then take them to any or all locations they noticed in Armin’s guide via methods. Lands of ice, deserts, and many others. they’re going to go to the ocean lastly, and likewise the ocean is repaired of damage attributable to battle.

As soon as they’ve identical their remaining adios, Mikasa can kill Eren inside methods, lastly ending the cycle of loss of life. They may come again to the universe. The arthropod would’ve completely gasified by then.

The Marleyans can provide thanks and apologize to remaining scouts and might be fairly glad to find out pleasant relations with Eldia, nevertheless Levi decline, voice communication it’s best they ne’er bit the island as soon as extra, or try and create amends.

They use a lighter-than-air craft from fort Salta and are available again to Paradis. Historia provides delivery to a lady, and likewise the daddy is disclosed to be Eren. The title of her child is Frieda. Historia disbands the Yeagarists, and apologizes to her 104th trainee squad for not telling Erens true plans.

Mikasa stands on a drop, and throws away her scarf, and recalling Eren’s final phrase was Hermann, Mikasa Then we generally tend to get a flashback of Carla smiling on Grisha holding Eren.

Grisha can have a imaginative and prescient of the long run, wherever Eren can contemplate all of the locations in Armins guide with Hermann and Mikasa. Realizing Eren can ship the products the ultimate phrase freedom ultimately, he holds Eren and says “You might be free, I promise, Eren” and manga ends.

Eren’s Final Destiny

Within the penultimate chapter, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and due to this fact the remaining Warriors battled Eren and due to this fact the shining arthropod that originated all Titans, at one time snuggled throughout the introduction Titan’s backbone. as soon as creating it inside Eren’s Titan mouth due to assist from Levi, Mikasa headless Eren’s materials physique and kissed him goodbye for the first and final time.

The last word chapter confirms that this killed him — completely this level. as a result of the grime settles, Mikasa brings his head to Hermann, who tearfully mourns his loss collectively along with her.

She then leaves the sphere with it, understanding an accurate burial is not going to be afforded to Eren as soon as the devastation he triggered by way of The Rumbling.

As is that the chapter’s human, the last word pages reveal — 3 years later — that Eren’s gravesite is beneath the tree on Paradis Island he’d often gentle beneath as a toddler.

Mikasa tells him that their mates, Armin, Jean, Connie, Annie, and Pieck, can earlier than lengthy arrive to go to him, beside Saint Matthew, Gabi, Falco, and Onyankopon, presumably. Wistfully, she asks if he’s glad earlier than confessing she needs to fulfill him as soon as extra.

Because the phrases depart her mouth, the headband Eren gave her after they 1st met slips from round her neck. To her shock, a hen appears earlier than her and ties it round her as soon as extra. Smiling up at it as a result of it continues its flight, she says, “Thanks for wrapping this scarf round ME, Eren.”

Earlier, a similar-looking hen flew previous Hermann and due to this fact the others on the ship sure for Paradis. The Scout unit used wings as its badge and birds, basic, are oftentimes used all through the sequence as apparent symbols of what Eren longed for thus desperately: freedom.

The Finish Of All Titans

Eren’s endgame, all alongside, was to rid of the Titans. The first few pages of the last word chapter reveal the entire spoken communication on this topic antecedently had between him and Armin by way of the path — as soon as the Commander was nonetheless on the ship headed in direction of Eren’s Wall Titan military.

“You probably did it for the sake of the long term you noticed mistreatment the Assault Titan’s energy,” German confirms, clearly referencing Eren’s name to kill 8% of humanity with the Rumbling. As soon as Armin asks if he very required to require issues to it excessive, Eren exhibits him a imaginative and prescient of volcanic, primal land.

In line with him, “the facility of the Titans continues to exist because of Ymir has been obeying King Fritz for 2,000 years.” Regardless of the violence the monarch dedicated towards her village, parents, and even her personal physique, shockingly, she actually darling Karl Fritz.

It had been this bond that unbroken her certain to him and his household for two millennia.

Eren’s loss of life and Ymir’s liberation by Mikasa moreover result in every Titan physique turning to mud, and people who had been reworked restored again to human sort.

Figuring out his sacrifice, Eren’s good friend’s sq. measure grateful for being relinquished from the Titan curse ultimately, nevertheless, non-Eldians keep suspicious of them.

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The final chapter acquired blended reactions from followers. Many followers are disenchanted by the ending of Assault on Titan.

A fan wrote, “Actually one of many worst endings ever made.” Echoing his views, one other reader feedback, “It may have change into a wonderful work, however this ending is a pity.” One of many followers went a step additional to criticize the final chapter “with trash ending.”

Nonetheless, many readers are glad that the final chapter has cleared all of the cliffhangers. A reader wrote, “Assault on Titan chapter 139 was an absolute grasp class. Isayama didn’t disappoint. Assault on Titan is the best accomplished sequence I’ve ever learn. Shingeki no Kyojin, is a ten/10 masterpiece.”

One other reader feedback, “To present some clarification as to why I discovered the final chapter so good, final week’s episode of our podcast we made predictions on what we anticipated and needed to occur. Most of which truly occurred. Since my expectations have been met, in fact, I beloved it.”

Some readers praised the general story. One stated, “Actually one of many biggest tales ever informed..#ThankYouIsayama for ‘Assault on Titan.’” As anticipated, some readers stated they are going to miss the sequence and cherish the expertise for years to return.

One reader wrote, “Thanks for creating my consolation character, Levi Ackerman, and for giving him a exceptional finish. I nonetheless can’t consider that the manga ended. It’s a bittersweet feeling. Assault On Titan will at all times maintain a particular place in my coronary heart.”


You’ll be able to learn the entire sequence of Assault on Titan on the official web site of Comixology for a greater expertise and with higher image high quality.


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