Reporters have found that the site build with the SquareSpace platform courted controversy by providing its customers Holocaust-themed token at a World War II genocide-themed coin supplying.

At a report in The Jerusalem Post, journalist Tamar Beeri composed of the now-defunct site has promised,

There are 15.3 million residing JEWS at the start of The HoloCoin. Of those 15.3 million JEWS, 4,107 burned daily, equal to the speed at that Jews were slaughtered in the Holocaust.”

The site made use of 2 cryptocurrencies, JEWS and ASH, and said, “There has to be some use for ASH. We’ll market our ASH into the maximum bid.”

A Reddit consumer (appropriately called ) Masterbaiter, lately tried to overthrow the overtly anti-Semitic job, asserting the responsibility has been a”cryptocurrency that recreates the Holocaust. Remember the greatest crime against humanity,” but adds that the staff supporting HoloCoin is”airdropping JEWS and [it] is up for you if you want spare them or allow them to burn, there’s a daily burn of 4,107 JEWS.” The article also guarantees users”more free JEWS should you keep them on your pocket.”

Many respondent Reddit users looked distinctly unimpressed.

“This is the largest pile of dogshit I have seen around here for decades,” commented one user.

Feb Etherscan information, the entire source of this JEWS token is now 6 million exemptions, held by 70 consumers globally, with 77 documented transactions. On the other hand, the previous operation took place over 590 days ago, indicating that its founders have abandoned the antisemitic job.

The Holstein project appears to be active, but using a total of 583 transactions enrolled, additionally per Etherscan. And, in the time of writing, the latest trade happened at UTC 09:23 on April 15.

The Jerusalem Post also asserts that SquareSpace has since taken the site down, while an affiliated Discord server also seems to have been deactivated.


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