Scheduled to premiere at the Venice Film Festival and in the Netflix catalogue, the biopic of Marilyn MonroeBlonde‘, directed by Andrew Dominikrecently received an indicative rating of NC-17, when the film is recommended for ages 17+ only.

Although, Anne of Arms, the protagonist of the production, was quite surprised by the news. ‘Blonde‘ promises to bring to the screen the dramas of Marilyn Monroeone of Hollywood’s biggest icons.

“I didn’t understand why this happened. I can list a number of shows or movies that are much more explicit, with much more sexual content than Blonde.”spoke the chosen to represent the great actress in the biopic, to the magazine L’Officiel.

which continued: “To tell this story, it was important that we show all the moments in Marilyn’s life that made her become who she was. Everything needed to be explained. Everyone knew we had to go to uncomfortable places. I was not the only one”.

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Bearing in mind that, in the Motion Picture Association rating system, NC-17 is the highest rating a film can receive, making it restricted to the vast majority of audiences. In that sense, ifBlonde‘ had been rated by the Brazilian Rating System, for example, would not be suitable for children under 18.

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