As expected, the Almost Family will not return for a second season. The low-rated Fox TV show was canceled after a season of 13 episodes.

Almost Family Season 2

Brittany Snow, Tim Hutton, Megalin Ekikunwok, Emily Osment, Moe McRae, Mustafa Elgin, and Victoria Cartagena star in the TV series Almost Family. Based on the Australian comedy series Sisters, the show examines what it means to be a family and what emotional complications may occur in new generations of in vitro fertility children (IVF).

In the series, Julia Beckley (Snow) is an adult-only child whose world has been inverted. She learns that her father, Doctor Leon Benchley (Hutton), a precursor to fertility, secretly used her sperm to father more than a hundred children. While Julia is still stunned by the revelation, she realizes that she has two new half-sisters – her former best friend, Eddie Palmer (Ichunkuwok), and ex-Olympic athlete Roxy Doyle (Osment).

Controversial Drama
Source: TV Guide

When the three daughters begin to assimilate to their new reality, Julia begins life without her father, Eddie grapples with her s*xuality, and Roxy confronts adulthood. The trio tries to connect as non-traditional sisters, treating the new siblings as part of a rapidly growing and very unethically extended family.

About The First Season 1

The first season of Almost Family had an average of 0.44 rating from 18–49 demographics and 1.53 million viewers. The series aired on Wednesday evening and had a slow start in ratings. The number deteriorated over the weeks. It is the worst-rated script series of the Fox season.

A cancellation seemed certain when the Fox Almost Family pulled out of the schedule with only two installments per season. The network aired it on Saturday night, more than a month later.

The rejection came after Hutton and a friend were accused of raping a 14-year-old girl in 1983. What do you think Did you almost enjoy the family TV show? Have you seen the second season on Fox?


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