DLT companies are targeting the copyright business, together with Ontology’s partnering with social founder stage OGQ to copyright 250 million pieces of electronic content.

Blockchain platform Ontology declared a partnership with societal founder platform OGQ to utilize the Ontology blockchain to guarantee copyright protection for articles generated via the platform.

The venture will see 250 million cases of electronic content being uploaded into the Ontology blockchain.

Ontology partners with societal founders on copyright

Since launch in 2011, OGQ has brought 14 million founders who’ve uploaded 54 million bits of electronic content into the stage. Digital assets uploaded into the blockchain are also purchasable in exchange for tokens using Ontology’s OEP-4 nominal benchmark.

“Some of the most significant challenges for digital content creators is that the capability to keep copyright over their work,” said Philosophy co-founder Andy Ji.

“Through our partnership, 250 million parts of OGQ digital strength content is going to be put on the Ontology people chain, making sure the copyright is protected and we’re recognized,” he added.

Blockchain-based copyright precedent

Ji advised Cointelegraph that over 200 cases have acknowledged copyright about information uploaded to dispersed ledger technologies (DLT).

“There are already many such instances in China, such as big internet companies like Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent,” he explained, “Initial estimates suggest that over 200 cases ought to be encouraged by blockchain for copyright proof.”

To begin with, content expands pre-detection for copyright infringement or duplication use to show that the content uploaded by every user is exceptional.

Alibaba patents DLT copyright strategy for songs

Businesses working with DLT seem to be making motions to come up with copyright alternatives, together with Alibaba getting a patent at the USA to get”blockchain-based music creativity analysis” methods on April 21.

The system includes a system of nodes containing a blockchain-based music library incorporated using a validator node” — that assesses scores the creativity of audio on the grounds of numerous musical standards such as melodic essay, tempo, lyrics and percussion. Alibaba employed for the patent throughout May 2019.


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