Every year, numerous films are released that are on several lists around the world of awaited premieres by movie fans. When a feature film opens, it doesn’t always manage to exceed expectations. With that in mind, and doing an exercise to recall some titles, we made this list below with 10 Movies That Didn’t Live Up to Expectation:

Paper cities

There is always some madness in love. But there’s always some reason in madness. Based on the book by the famous author John Green and directed Jake Schreier, Paper Towns it’s that sugar water movie that doesn’t seem to want to take any chances. The public that enjoys Green’s books deserved a deeper adaptation of the good work of the author of Blame it on the stars.

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No soldier is left behind in the warrior’s mind. Written by Joe Russo (director of the last two films of the successful franchise The Avengersalongside his brother Anthony) and directed by Sam Hargravedebuting in feature films, Rescue, new action and explosion movie from the almighty Netflix is ​​a great selection of clichés amid bombs and well-executed action scenes. Russo’s weak script turns the film into an endless, dry, and destructively paced scavenger hunt. Sounds a lot like the noise and explosion movies from Michael Bay. Everything is so repetitive that it takes a lot of sleep to get to the end paying attention to what happens, because we already know intuitively. A good movie even with the same theme, ‘extraction’, it’s Proof of Life as Russell Crowe.


When charisma doesn’t save. Dolittle has a stellar cast, (Banderas, Martin Sheen, Downey Jr…) but none of that matters when the plot doesn’t evolve. It is not defined whether for audiences of all ages or for the more mature, the questions that should be deep, the result of the protagonist’s melancholy thinking and the reasons for his trauma with the disappearance of his wife, are shallow as a swimming pool without water. Unfortunately, the film makes you sleepy almost all the time, it would be worse if it weren’t for the powerful soundtrack signed by the ace Danny Elfman that tries to turn meaningless visual metaphors into something epic. Sometimes it feels like we’re in a video game where the controls don’t work.

The truth

Based on a short argument from Ken Liuthe first overseas production shipment of acclaimed Japanese filmmaker Hirokazu Koreeda, A Verdade, nominated for a Golden Lion in Venice and shown at the prestigious Toronto Film Festival in the same year, is a great round of arguments and situations involved within a family drama arising from the gestures and actions of an embittered veteran actress who seeks conflict at all times. . There is a lot of subtlety in Koreeda’s handling but the depth of the rich characters from other films here is camouflaged in a single outstanding performance. It is as if the melancholy crosses the plot in such a way as to make everything meaningless in important definitions of arcs.


2017 Sundance Film Festival aired, Colossalwritten and directed by Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo is a very imaginative film, which breathes the abstract at all times to tell a story about the disappointments of a protagonist in crisis. After a completely monotonous and lackluster first arc, the continuity of this saga towards the weird imaginary has good moments but that never come to the conclusion that they correspond to the expectations created. This Sci-fi disguised as a psychological thriller with a hint of mystery will say a lot to some and nothing to others.

Tomorrow’s War

The sleepy story of the invincible hero. arrived at Amazon Prime Video in early July 2021 the action feature film Tomorrow’s Warmade by Chris Pratt e Yvonne Strahovski. One of the most annoying things about this project is the simplistic reasons for broad contexts. The subject of family and relationships goes around all the arcs of the script, whether in the present or in the future. From the perspective of the protagonist with his daughter in two moments and with his father. The clichés pile up along the way, it’s a contest to know which is more: clichés or alien corridors. Focusing on the action part, it seeks in its sci-fi universe for some kind of originality but bumps into mirrors of other franchises or even the feature film starring Tom Cruise, Edge of Tomorrow. Not minimal, disappointing.

Everything will be fine

The only reason we’re so attached to memories is that they don’t change, even if people have. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Wim Wenders, Every Thing Will Be Fine, in the original, is, unfortunately, one of those boring movies that never seem to end. With a line of cinematic drama and a cast in total disharmony on stage, the feature film is an almost total disappointment. The soundtrack, signed by the ace Alexandre Desplat, is the best thing about the movie. And when the score is the best thing about the movie, you know there are a lot of downsides to this story.

The Dead Don’t Die

The follies of an out-of-control script. Three years after making one of his masterpieces in cinema, the fantastic PatersonAmerican filmmaker Jim Jarmusch returned to the big screen writing and directing a film without a head and a head that tries to speak metaphorically about zombies but ends up being a sequence of bizarre scenes without any balance with an interesting story. Bringing together a well-known cast such as: Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Chloë Sevigny, Steve Buscemi, Danny Glover, Caleb Landry Jones e Tilda Swinton, The Dead Don’t Die is far from brilliant like other works by the famous director. A big disappointment.

Thor: Love and Thunder

The comic spice that went over the top. Escaping the essence of one of the most beloved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the New Zealand filmmaker Taika Waititi takes us on a journey of low action and high comedy in the disappointing Thor: Love and Thunder. It had everything to be the great story of the Nordic warrior in cinemas, a great villain, powerful tools of war, all this ends up being left aside for a focus too much on a deconstruction of the character. The comic vein in this phase that the protagonist is going through, rediscovering himself after exciting battles and losses, ends up taking over the film, a fact that can leave fans a little lost with the doors that open in its conclusions.


You know that unbelievably missed goal under the post? You know that tray alone you miss in basketball? So, you know that movie that had everything to be unforgettable and ends up falling into the sugary sameness of another among thousands of love stories? the work of the great Danny Boyle, Yesterday captivated audiences from all over the world for its beautifully made trailer and for its crazy story of zeroing our beatlemaniac memories, thus exercising a world without some of our biggest references. I bet that sociologists, philosophers from all over the planet were eagerly awaiting hyper-deep debates about human existence and its needs. But as cinema it worked very little, except for a great moment with a famous musician, Yesterday it doesn’t stick in our memory like the songs of the Liverpool quartet.

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