It’s amazing how every month more and more interesting series arrive for subscribers of various streaming available in Brazil. Some have a huge publicity, others not so much. To help you reader who is looking for a series to watch, follow below 10 series that are streaming and you may not have seen it yet:

Little America (Apple tv+)

Available in the great Apple TV+ catalog, the miniseries (which has already been renewed for a 2nd season) tells stories about immigrants in the United States in eight episodes. The project is based on real stories featured in Epic Magazine.

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A Million Things (Globoplay)

Going almost unnoticed in the Globoplay catalogue, the series A Million Things created by DJ Nash, it presents us with the story of a group of friends who are surprised by the suicide of one of them. So, let’s follow how they deal with this loss and move on with their lives.

entrevías (Netflix)

Starred by the experienced Spanish actor Jose Coronado, entrevíasa series that was in Netflix’s Top 10 for a good period in 2022, tells the story of a war veteran, grandfather, who declares war on criminals who are in his neighborhood to protect his granddaughter.

Pachinko (Apple tv+)

One of the most praised series on Apple Tv+, based on the writer’s novel of the same name. Min Jin Lee, shows us the conflicts and trajectory of Korean immigrants over four generations. The first season has 8 episodes and the series has already been renewed for an upcoming season.

Better days (Paramount +)

Acclaimed Spanish series, available on Paramount +, tells the story of some people who have recently lost people close to them and choose therapy as a way to understand this moment in their lives.

sky red (Netflix)

In the plot, we meet Romeo (Asier Etxeandia), a pimp who has set up his prostitution business, which has been very profitable for him, in an isolated spot in a trendy city. In this brothel, we find Coral (veronica sanchez), Wendy (Lali Esposito) and Gina (Yany Prado), three women of different age groups, with completely opposite thoughts at times but who will now need each other after being the authors of a situation that led Romeo almost to death. Thus, a bloody battle is imposed over the city between Romeo’s mandates, the Moses brothers (Miguel Angel Silvestre) e Christian (Enrique Auquer) and the three women.

Waynard Pines (StarPlus)

A great mystery series released years ago, Waynard Pines shows us the saga of a federal agent (played by Matt Dillon) who after an accident arrives in a city to look for information on missing agents and soon realizes that he is trapped in this mysterious place. The project is based on the novel Pinesof Blake Crouch.

Clickbait (Netflix)

In the plot, we follow the Brewer family, made up of husband and physical therapist Nick (Adrian Grenier), by his wife and teacher Sophie (Betty Gabriel), by Nick’s sister, Nurse Pia (Zoe KazanMore), and the children Kai (Jaylin Fletcher) e Ethan (Camaron Engels). Everything in their lives changes completely when, mysteriously, a live appears online on a famous video site where Nick is injured and holding placards with bombastic statements. From there, the family collapses having to face the avalanche of press anxiety, the police investigation, the mysteries that arise from the statements shown and the family secrets.

The Curse of Hill House (Netflix)

In the plot, we meet the Crains, Olivia’s family (Carla Gugino) e Hugh (Henry Thomas/ Timothy Hutton) and their children Shirley, Luke (Julian Hilliard/Oliver Jackson-Cohen), Theodora (Mckenna Grace/Kate Siegel), Nell (Violet McGraw / Victoria Pedretti) e Steven (Paxton Singleton/Michiel Huisman) who move into a huge house that has a past they didn’t know about. Struggling with all sorts of strange situations, the family will need to face their most delicate fears.

Cruel Summer (Prime Video)

The truth and the lie can go together by the coincidences that appear along the way. Created by screenwriter Bert V. Royalwho signed the script for The lie em 2010, Cruel Summer is a game of lies, from disse told me, that explores the universe of psychology in an American high school in the way we already know it: with embarrassing situations, the eternal war between the popular and those who somehow want to be popular, the role of parents in all this routine full of inflections, the influence of those who have the power to teach… There are many variables to analyze in this puzzle formed where basically it is a confrontation between two young women to convince us who is telling the truth. The script stands out for the way it was defined to present the events.

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